• Sensual Artworks by Georges Mouton, who lived between 1800 and 1900 and did various sensual and erotic artworks.

  • Martin von Maele illustrated mostly spanking artworks.

  • Gaston Smit : He used the aliases Georges Topfer and James Barclay. He was known for his sadomasochistic illustrations and was active as illutrator between 1919 and 1933


Artwork by Gaston Smit, available as print. For more info click here

Better Behave

Illustration from the book El Otro, the drawings were from an artist using the name Bosch, but I was unable to find any info.

You're Mine

Using the pseudonym Mel the artist Manuel Sierra Laffitte illustrated erotic novels such as Memorias de una masoquista (Memoirs of a masochist) this an erotic novel about BDSM and lesbianism published in Spain around 1931 by “Prensa Moderna”, a publishing house settled in Madrid.

Pay Attention

As many artworks as they are from this (presumably) German Fetish Artist, as little there is to found about his life. Signing his work with Jim he is often confused with 'Swiss' Jim who however drew a completely different style.


Aubrey Vincent Beardsley was an English illustrator and author. His emphasis of the erotic element is present in many of his drawings, but nowhere as boldly as in his illustrations for Lysistrata which were done for a privately printed edition at a time when he was totally out of favor with polite society.


Illustration from F. Kora, 1919

Tied to be Whipped

I was unable to identify the artist, I found it together with spanish vintage bdsm artworks (last album at the bottom of the page)

Japanese Caning

Illustrator unknown

Nurse disciplined

Illustrator unknown

Something special

This illustration is believed to be from an artist using the pseudonyms Judie Delcourt and Gaggleman
This artist did not really spanking art (although there are some really nice spanking artworks that were made through modification of the original artworks by FunBun if I am not mistaken)
Interesting fact about the illustration above is the inspiration which was found on some photographs from the Ostra Studio.
I have attached the photos so you can see for yourself (click photos for larger examples)


The complete serie from the photos above can be found at Vintage Fetish Photos

Punished at School

Illustration from Helga Bode. This artist made a lot of spanking drawings around 1930.

Classic OTK

Anonymous Artist

Just for fun

Illustration by Louis Malteste
Louis  was an author, lithographeur and illustrator. He made affiches and postcoards. 
Malteste used the pseudonym Jacques d'Icy for either writing sadomasochistic texts. 
He was an illustrator for various erotic artworks.

Schoolgirl Discipline

Artist unknown


Illustration about punishment for revolutionists (females), the artist was referred to as 'Carl Josef from Götz'

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