Martin van Maele

Martin von Maele illustrated many books with spanking artworks.

Gaston Smit

Gaston Smit was known for his many was sadomasochistic illustrations.

Anonymous Artists

There is a unique collection vintage spanking artworks from unknown artists available at this blog.

Art Prints

There is an exclusive collection modern spanking art available as print or poster.

Amies de pension

Illustration for the book Amies de Pension, illustrated by Frédillo

Her Faith

Illustration from Cheri Herouard ( 1881-1961) for the magazine La Vie Parisienne

Romance of Chastisement

A rare illustration from a rare book: Romance of Chastisement, written by St George Henry Stock, published in 1871

Experiences of Flagellation

Illustration from the book Experiences of Flagellation,written by unknown flagellation amateur and published in 1885. More art from this book can be viewed here

At his Service

A rare original art print, artists unknown. To view product page and price click here

Bent over

Original artprint from 1940 by Umberto Brunelleschi, click here for product page and price
Find more original erotic art prints from this artist here

Being his toy

Illustration from Spanish artist Zurriago who illustrated La flagelación erótica, published in Barcelona in 1932.

Checking her marks

Illustration from Gaston Smit

Firm Discipline

Illustration from Martin von Maele for the book La Grande Dance Macaber

Something Develish

Cover art from Louis Malteste

Girls need to behave

Illustration from P. Beloti

Over her knee

From an unknown illustrator

Maid punished by her Mistress

Anonymous artwork

Spanking Humor

Illustrations from Dan DeCarlo (1919-2001).  De Carlo was an American cartoonist best known as the artist who developed the look of Archie Comics in the late 1950s and early 1960s, modernizing the characters to their contemporary appearance and establishing the publisher's house style.

The Whip

Artwork by Anni Morris available as print or poster

Master Awaits

Illustration from Neil Cazy available as Print, Poster, Card and many more products

Tied and punished

Artwork perhaps by by M. Del Giglio

Can you handle me?

Another lovely fetish artwork from Brian Gibbs, available as Print, Poster and many more. Be sure to check out all the options.

Bound to be Punished

Artworks by Driver651, this artist focus mainly on bondage, a bit in 1950 style, but I discovered some very interesting spanking artworks and was allowed to share those here. Be sure to check out his portfolio for many interesting bdsm and spanking artworks, I especially like the 1950's Flashback Gallery.

I will obey

Illustrated by Promet-he-us, this artist has a very unique style and therefor shares a different view on spanking with his artworks. Be sure to check out his portfolio.