Martin van Maele

Martin von Maele illustrated many books with spanking artworks.

Gaston Smit

Gaston Smit was known for his many was sadomasochistic illustrations.

Anonymous Artists

There is a unique collection vintage spanking artworks from unknown artists available at this blog.

Art Prints

There is an exclusive collection modern spanking art available as print or poster.

Can you handle me?

Another lovely fetish artwork from Brian Gibbs, available as Print, Poster and many more. Be sure to check out all the options.

Bound to be Punished

Artworks by Driver651, this artist focus mainly on bondage, a bit in 1950 style, but I discovered some very interesting spanking artworks and was allowed to share those here. Be sure to check out his portfolio for many interesting bdsm and spanking artworks, I especially like the 1950's Flashback Gallery.

I will obey

Illustrated by Promet-he-us, this artist has a very unique style and therefor shares a different view on spanking with his artworks. Be sure to check out his portfolio.

To Obbey her

Illustrated by Suzanne Ballivet (1904 -1985). Suzanne Ballivet's life and origins remain something of a mystery. Other than the fact that she probably lived and worked in Paris from about 1930 to 1955, few, if any, biographical facts are available.

Although she illustrated several erotic books, Les Chansons de Bilitis (1943), Les Aventures du roi Pausole (1947), Gamiani (date unknown), La Venus aux Fourrures (1954), it is without doubt Initiation Amoureuse (1943) which remains her most popular body of work .
Ballivet is one of the few female artists known to have produced erotic work in the first half of this century.

Some Discipline

Two very nice M/f illustrations from artist h1kar1ko. To view more of her lovely work check out her portfolio.

At her feet

Illustrated by Hata Deli. In the 1920s and 1930s, the artist created black and white BDSM drawings (hard contrast lineart) in a kind of post-art-nouveau style.
Hata Deli's artworks are cherished among fans of femdom/malesub art. 

The artists specialized in sadistic, cruel dominant women, lustfully engaging in acts of female domination for those men who are dreaming of being dominated by strong, erotically beautiful women.

Nothing wrong with some humor

The artwork from Nik Zula has a loverly humoristic touch. To view more spanking artworks be sure to visit his blog.

Please Spank me Sir

A very unique artwork from artist Matterotica, available as print, poster and more

Bad Kitty

Bad Kitty is available as Print, Card, Posters, Sticker, Throw Pillow and Tote Bag. For details click on the image. It is illustrated by AngelGirl21030

Ready to punish you

Enjoy this lovely collection Mistresss, all artworks from Brian Gibbs
Every artwork is available as artprint, poster or other special product like throw pillows (for a very hot night). Click on the images to view details for every single artwork or visit his portfolio for many more fetish artworks.

Heir of the Awesome

Something quit different but I could not resist sharing this one, for me (being a masochistic spanko) an image like this one (from LivingHorus) really gets to me. Getting spanked by a male like this, isn't that the dream of every masochistic girl (or perhaps some boys as well).
This artwork is available as card as well

It's going to hurt

Sometimes I discover these little art treasures, spanking artworks hidden in a gallery with a divers mix of art and subjects. As goes for Tech_Rose, she did an amazing job as far as I am concerned with her artworks. You can view more artworks in her portfolio.

Spank me

Artwork by LillyKitten, available as T-shirt or sticker

Girls in trouble

Very interesting spanking artworks from artist Gesperax. She has a divers style, for this blog I choose some artworks in the same style but be sure to view her portfolio to enjoy the wide variety of art from this artist.

What she deserves

Earlier I discovered the artwork from CM Zero, this artist shares some very nice spanking artworks at his portfolio.

No Mercy

Typical for the artworks of Jim is that in some artworks he replaced the faces by photographs. The artworks seem to be from around 1940/1950.

It's magic

Diamand-Stud has a lovely portfolio with F/f, M/f , F/m and Furry spanking artworks. Here is a very small collection for you to enjoy. Be sure to check out her portfolio for more very nice artworks.

She is in control

Luc Lafnet (1889-1939)  illustrated erotic literature and BDSM stories including F/f, F/M and M/F spanking stories. In such publications he used pseudonyms such as Jim Black, Viset (when working for the publisher Jean Fort (Collection des Orties Blanches)) and Lucas O. Some of his drawings, published under the name Jim Black, show, dared for his days, bare breasts. He also did some enema art. 

Luc Lafnet also did the artwork for mainstream comics such as the popular Belgian magazine Le Journal de Spirou.
In 1939, the artist was sent into war where he died the same year, aged 40.

To view the special artists page with bio and art collection go here.

What it takes

I love the style from the artist going by the name Penerotic. You can enjoy many other very nice artworks at his blog and Portfolio on Deviant Art. Don't forget to check it out, you will be surprised by the wide range of subjects and art shared there.

Being a brave boy

Louis Malteste (1862 - 1928) was born in Chartes (Eure-et-Loir) and died in Paris. He was an author, lithographeur and illustrator. He was de brother from Henri Théodore Malteste according to Malatesta (1870-1920). 

He went to Paris where he exhibit in 1897 at Salon des Sent, in 1902 at Salon de la Socieéte Nationale des Beaux Arts. He also worked for humoristic press: L'Assiette au beurre, Le Chat noir, Je sais tout, Lectures pour tous, Qui lit rit, etc

He made affiches and postcoards. Malteste used the pseudonym Jacques d'Icy for either writing sadomasochistic texts. He was an illustrator for various erotic artworks, many of them were F/f spankings and soft bdsm artworks.