• Sensual Artworks by Georges Mouton, who lived between 1800 and 1900 and did various sensual and erotic artworks.

  • Martin von Maele illustrated mostly spanking artworks.

  • Gaston Smit : He used the aliases Georges Topfer and James Barclay. He was known for his sadomasochistic illustrations and was active as illutrator between 1919 and 1933

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From a japanese magazine (ca 1950) I was able to built a very nice album with spanking and bondage artworks.

Spanked in her Cellar

With this special illustration (unknown illustrator) I want to inform you about current special offers at Vintage Erotica. This site offers one of the largest collections vintage spanking images on the web, every collection contains information on the artist and books the illustrations were found in.

Besides spanking art you can also find vintage bdsm, femdom, erotic and some pinup art.

Nell in Bridewell

I discovered these images for a version of Nell in Bridewell, published in 1968. The illustrator is unknown.
To view the album with all the images go to the bottom of Illustrated Books and click on the title.

How she loves to play

Anonymous artwork

Getting Spanked at School

Illustration by P. Beloti
P. Beloti was a (probably French) spanking artist and author. 
His artwork, dated from the 1930s, is mainly M/F. He was quite good at imitating the style of other artists such as Louis Malteste or Luc Lafnet.
Beloti illustrated Jacinthe ou Les Images du péché (1934) by Liane Laure.
Beloti also published under the pseudonym Paulette Vergès spanking novels such as Cuisant noviciat - mon dressage (1935), illustrated by Jim Black (Luc Lafnet), and Gouvernante et gouvernée (1936), illustrated by himself. In 1957.

Erotic Dreams

Illustration by Eugene Reunier, this was the pseudonym of Carl Breuer-Courth, a German erotica artist of the 1920s.
His drawings depict mainstream scenes, sexual scenes as well as medical play and BDSM subjects such as spanking.
Reunier also worked as a photographer of spanking photos, some of which were published in Dr. Ernst Schertel's Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv (1929).

Discipline for Judy

Cover art from ca 1970, artist unknown

Slavegirl in trouble

The illustrator appears to be someone with the name Neworth, no other info found

Public Caning for Theft

It shows females punished for theft, the punishment is handled by Austrian Military, that is the only info I could find


Unknown illustrator, find more spanking images at this gallery

Public Discipline

I could not find information on the artist, it could be a russian artist

Diana Gantée

Illustration from the book Diana Gantée, published in 1932 and illustrated by Leon Pierre

An otk well deserved

A lovely illustration from Luc Lafnet, pay attention to the pleasure the man takes in giving this otk spanking and the fear on the girls face.

Proud to show

Illustration by Louis Malteste

A firm Paddling

A firm paddling, illustration by Gaston Smit

Hold on

Illustration for the book Confidences égarées written by Liane Lauré, published in 1932

Fouet au Couvent

A compilation from illustrations made by Gaston Smit for the book Le Fouet au Couvent, published in 1922. This artwork is available as print or poster

Cruel Intentions

Bottoms up

Who could resist this view? A lovely Fetish Artwork by Brian Gibbs, available on Canvas

A very bad girl

Amy Matthews managed to capture the erotic sensuality in F/f spanking with this particular artprint

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