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Illustrated by MiraK, this illustration is available as throwpillow, bag or card in my shop.

Sexual Tension

Illustration by Jean Morisot (using the pseudonyme Jean de Sauteval) for the book Cydalise ou le peche dans le miroir, 1930 

Public Bath

Public floggings in the bathhouse, engraved by Henry Winkles and printed in 1855

The Second Face

A very old illustration, the text says: Das Zweuite Gesicht oder Die Gefoppte Governes, published around 1913

The art of Dave Ell

Dave has published four series of comic books, two featuring the little vixen Sammy Simpkins, who just loves a good spanking, one series of spanking naughty schoolboys and the Detention Master, also featuring Sammy.
Visit his website to view all books (and art), or click one of the titles below:
The Detention Master
The Bordello of Doom
Naughty Schoolboys
Sammy Simpkins Loves Spanking